henryonkegplatform GMTrag-UncleJoe-J-J-J-J-MB-summer-1940 dad-port Henry-Melvina-with-plane
Dad-Jim-Matt-Kelly-Amy Barb-Jerome-Uncle-Joe-Summer-1940 GM-Parr-grandkids-xmas-55 HGT-w-Car  Henry Trageser (Pop-Pop) with his 1st car
Dads-Grandmother-Trageser-and-Uncle-Joe-1940  Rare photo of Dad's grandmother Maria Berta Trageser and uncle Joe melvina-madeleine Maria-Berta-Trageser  Dad's grandmother Maria Berta Trageser Jack-Jerry-Jim-1941-42
just-jim-at two mel-henry-plus4-1943 Melvina-1st-Communion-1947  Aunt Melvina's 1st Communion - 10 May 1947 Dad (11yr), Aunt Mevina(7yr), Aunt Barbara(9yr), Uncle Jerome(9yr) Mel-and-Henry-river-cruise-1928  Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop on River Cruise 1928
Mel-and-Henry-at-the-beach-1928  On the beach 1928-1929.  Why are there railroad tracks on the beach? MelandHenryxJerry1929 Melvina-and-Henry-1928  Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop Trageser - 1928 - year they were married. mom-mom-in-knickers  Mom-Mom at 17
mom-mom-age15-graduation-busschool  Mom-Mom business school graduating class.  Age 15.  At right in front row. Mom-Aunt Frances-1938  Mom-Mom and Dad's Aunt Frances -1938 - Uncle Jack next to aunt Frances, Uncle Jerry next to Mom-Mom. Partial of Dad in jumper suit next to Uncle Jerry. Mom-Mom-and-Pop-Pop-25th  Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop Eating Out to Celebrate 25th Wedding Anniversary.  12 June 1978 Mom-Mom-Jack-Jim-barb-Jerome-1940  Mom-Mom, Jack, Jimmy, Mary Barbara, Jerome  circa 1940.  It gets cold in Baltimore
mom-dad mom-mom-plus2-flappers  Mom-Mom plus  2 girlfriends.   The roaring 20s Mom-Mom-and-1st-born-1930  Mom-Mom with 1st born circa 1930 mom-girlfriends
Mens-German-Singing-Group  Great Grandfather Trageser, top right, in Mens German singing group melvina-mother-1933 Sartorial-statement Mom-Mom-Uncle-Jerry-w-hair  Mom-Mom with Jerry + hair
Mom-Mom-plus-5-1940  Mom-Mom with (clockwise from top left) Uncle Jack, Uncle Jerry, Dad, Uncle Jerome, Aunt Mary Barbara. circa - 1940 - 1941 Pop-Pop-and-Mom-Mom-1965  Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop circa 1965 mom-mom-teenager-w-rosecorsage  Mom-Mom with Rose corsage at 15 Mom-Mom-Pop-Pop-Jerry-1929-1930  Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop with son Gerard circa 1929-1930
mom-on-swing-1927 mom-w-twins parrs-USSDolphin  Mom-Mom and her brother Jerome with Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather Parr Siblings-on-bulkhead-46-47  Notorious picture of Children of Henry and Melvina on backyard bulkhead. circa - 1946 - 1947 Left to right - Melvina, Jerome, Jimmy, Mary Barbara, Jack, Jerry
sailorat17 xmas-1957 Siblings-plus-in-law-1953  Siblings with new sister-in-law, Florence - 1953 Hey! I'm the only one looking at the camera, what is everone else looking at. Twinswjim
pop-on-bicycle weddingparty mel-henry-wed-pose  Wedding Day 12 June 1928 mom-climbing-tree-1927  Mom-Mom Climbing Tree - 1927
mel-n-Henry-weddingparty  Pop-Pop(Henry Gerard), Great Grandmother Trageser, Great Grand Father Parr, Pop-Pop's Sister, Aunt Marie, Uncle George(In front), Great Grandmother Parr, Father Bater (In back), and Mom-Mom (Melvina Catherine). Picture taken in back yard of Mom-Mom's parents home on Lafeyette Avenue in Baltimore minnesingersSociety  German Minnesingers Like in many other European cultures German poetry and music were derived from medieval ages of single performers whose life has enriched the pool of national legends and myths: it is not doubt that everyone has heard about minstrels and minnesingers who inspired their audience with romantic world of never-ending love and devotion, patriotism and dignity. GrandmomTwithMomTand5kids  Jerry, Mary Barbara, Mom T, Jerome, Grandmom Maria Berta Trageser, Jimmy, Jack Jim-Jack-Jerry-on-Trike