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These movies are of our grandchildren by Theresa and Ernie.

Grayson Entertains with Guitar at Superbowl XX Halftime

Superbowl Halftime with Noah & Grayson Performing Wheels on the Bus

Closing Out Halftime with Mattea Singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

Noah & Grayson Performing Harmonica Duet at  3rd Birthady Celebration

Sister(Barb of Baltimore) & Brother(Jim of San Diego) with Spouses(Hersh & Judy) meet up in Heathrow Airport to spend 3 weeks Touring the UK in May 2005.
(Click on one of the three links below to view slide shows recounting the tour.)

30 April to 6 May - Tour of St David's-Pembrokeshire, Wales

7 to 12 May - Bath & London England, Edinborough & Glasgow Scotland

13 to 18 May - Narrowboat Cruise on the Canals of the English Midlands

Family & Friends Gatherings & Events

Jim & Judy Spend Valentine's Day 2006 in Palm Desert

Jim & Judy's Tour of Yosemite Aug 26, 27, & 28 2005

50th Wedding Anniversary Gathering for Jack & Flo (2003)

A Tribute to the Life of Melvina Trageser (2002)

Wedding of Elizabeth & Thom (2001)

October 2000 Trip to Baltimore and New England.

Distant Cousins Gather in San Diego. July 2000

Alaska Tour  1999 (Slide show)

Gold Dredge & Denali ( Movie)

Tribute to Uncle Joe (1997)

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